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WL Gore Joint SealantA unique process, developed and patented by W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., expands conventional PTFE into a highly fibrillated structure containing millions of fibrils. GORE-TEX expanded PTFE exhibits characteristics very different from those of regular PTFE. These characteristics -- flexibility, stability under high temperatures, high-tensile strength, and structural integrity -- make expanded PTFE GORE-TEX joint sealant ideal for most applications.

Superior Sealability

The self-molding character of GORE-TEX joint sealant allows it to seal all flange surfaces, including warped or damaged flanges. Under compression, it fills voids and irregularities, even visibly worn or damaged areas -- something sheet gasketing just can't do.

Reduced Gasket Creep

Because of its highly fibrillated substructure and thin gasket cross section, GORE-TEX joint sealant is resistant to the significant creep relaxation and cold flow inherent in other gasket materials, including full-density and filled PTFE. The millions of fibrils in GORE-TEX joint sealant are oriented in one direction and impart a very strong hoop strength to the compressed gasket. This, in conjunction with its thin cross section and the intricate mating of the gasket within the microfinish of the flange surfaces, prevents significant flow or creep of GORE-TEX joint sealant. In most applications, the flange bolts will not need retorquing.

Unaffected by Chemicals

GORE-TEX joint sealant will not react with or be degraded by most common chemicals.

Withstands Extremely High Pressure

Because of its thin cross section, its strong grip on flange surfaces, and its high tensile strength, GORE-TEX joint sealant selas internal pressures as high as 3000 psig.

Withstands Extreme Temperatures

The structural integrity of this material under compression allows for its use at temperatures from -450°F to +600°F. And, since it doesn't become brittle when very cold, GORE-TEX joint sealant is a cost-effective alternative to the exotic sealants typically required for cryogenic applications.

Oustanding Versatility

In addition to being ideal for cryogenic applications, GORE-TEX joint sealant is noncontaminating and FDA suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is also very effective for sealing less sturdy materials such as plastic, glass, and ceramic vessels and pipe.

Long Lasting

Gaskets made with GORE-TEX joint sealant are incredibly long lasting because of the durable qualities of the material that result from our unique PTFE expansion process. Unlike conventional gasketing materials, there are no elastomeric binders or fillers that deteriorate under high temperature and constant compression.

Easy to Install - Easy to Replace

For convenience of installation, a thin strip of adhesive has been applied to the GORE-TEX joint sealant cord so that it stays in place on the flange. During installation, all you do is position it around the flange inside the bolt circle and overlap the ends at a bolt. During compression, the GORE-TEX joint sealant will compress around the adhesive strip, thereby isolating it from the flow media. The overlap compresses to the same thickness as the rest of the gasket -- absolutely no leaks result from this method of installation. And, because of the nonstick properties of PTFE, the flanges part freely, and surfaces need no scraping when you remove the gasket.

Economical to Use

On a per-gasket basis, GORE-TEX joint sealant usually costs less than other gasket materials, particularly sheet gasketing, which generates a lot of unusable scrap. And, since application of GORE-TEX joint sealant requires only that you press it into place on your flange and overlap the ends, you save time in comparison to hand cutting a gasket to fit. Additional savings can also be realized through lower inventory costs. GORE-TEX joint sealant stocked in widths of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" will take care of practically all common gasket requirements in most plants.

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